Plastic Free July: How Retail Is Evolving

Plastic Free July is in full swing! The movement aims to help support millions of people become part of the solution to plastic pollution. But what does this mean for the retail sector?

Did you know?

  • Eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year.
  • Britain contributes an estimated 1.7 million tonnes of plastic annually.
  • Without a global response, there could be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

Source: WWF Fight Plastic Pollution

Who is getting involved?

As well as on an individual level, large corporations are also getting involved and have made pledges to tackle plastic pollution. Here are some of the largest companies working to reduce their plastic use and make their packaging fully-recyclable:

Evian- By 2025, they plan on producing all their plastic bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Nestle- Is investing extraordinary resources into developing non-virgin plastics. By 2025, they plan on producing all their plastic bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Estee Lauder- Has stated that 75%-100% of its packaging will be recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable by 2025.

A Good Food Group Partner: Shreddy

Global workout and fitness brand Shreddy, have recently partnered with our retail agency The Good Food Group which we are thrilled to announce! Shreddy align perfectly with our ethical and environmental views.

Grace Beverley, Founder of Shreddy, wanted to create a completely plastic free brand which only used compostable or recyclable materials for her products packaging.

Shreddy have made their “Daily Dose” supplement packaging entirely compostable, which conforms to BS EN 13432! Full details on how to dispose of their packaging here.

As well as going “scoopless”, in their attempt to be plastic free; customers can purchase their biodegradable and compostable SHREDDY scoops, made from natural beechwood, via the website.

Tackling plastic pollution, is a huge, global issue that is being covered by news outlets from every corner of the world. Forbes labelled this year as “The year of the package”, you can check out their article on changing packaging here.

We’re a huge advocate and want to champion sustainable and environmentally-friendly brands in both our discovery boxes and through our retail agency! If you think your brand has what it takes then what are you waiting for?

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