Information for Buyers

What is it?

The Buyers Discovery Club Platform is a bespoke service to the UK's leading retail buyers where they can discover the next big brand for their stores.

We understand how difficult and time-consuming searching for brands to add to your category can be, which is where The Buyer's Discovery Club steps in to take the hassle away and become your go to platform.

You as the buyer can then filter what products your categories are missing, and we will do the rest, matching you with the best fit.

And for you, it is free and simple!

We created and launched our platform to ultimately make life simple for buyers like yourself. There are so many new brands being launched every single day, it becomes time-consuming and difficult to search through all of them to find products to list- that's where The Buyer's Discovery Club steps in.

Our platform turns a once never-ending task to an effortless process, letting our team and platform do the work for you.

Not only is this an effortless process, but the quality of brands does also not change, our team pride ourselves on hand-picking the best brands to put forward. Match this with you being able to tell us specifically what your category is looking for, and we'll present the exact brands for you to list.


Our platform was launched to offer a bespoke service to the UK’s leading retail buyers, to match with the very best up and coming brands, making this an effortless discovery process. Brands can share their full story from posting imagery to videos and sending samples direct to buyers upon request.

Live Events

The live events will take place through the platform, and this is an opportunity for brands and buyers to meet remotely but face-to-face. These happen throughout the year, depending on category demand.

Range Reviews

We are lucky enough to have access to buyer's range reviews, therefore we are able to put the most relevant brands forward at the best times to increase retail opportunities.

How we support buyers

The Buyers Discovery Club is powered by The Good Food Group, and we can take the hassle away from you, the buyer, by sifting through hundreds of products every month to showcase only the best for your category.

Simple, really.

How does it work?

As part of being a buyer on our platform, you will receive your own profile, where you can input your range reviews and filter down exactly what products you are looking for by category, from food/drink or vitamins/supplements.

You'll have contact with our team at your request to go over strategy updates and any other queries, as well as being able to directly speak to suppliers and request samples to be sent directly to your door, all through our unique platform.

The platform is designed for you to choose how much time you wish to invest and utilize the various features. We've combined our expertise and knowledge with the latest technology to create a fully automated service.

Our team do all the background work, all you need to do is sign up, tell us what you're looking for and we'll start matching you with the very best brands. You are also able to browse as you wish.

It really is that simple.

The Process

  1. Discover - You can search for products matching your range review specifications as well as filling out the details on your profile in order to enable automatic matchmaking.
  2. Sample - Once you have discovered a product you would like to try, you can request samples which are shipped directly to you from the supplier.
  3. Pitch - If you are happy with the product, you can request more information or send an invitation to pitch to the supplier where you will arrange a meeting time. This is all done via the platform's inbuilt video call feature so no personal details need to be exchanged!
  4. Commercials/Contracts - The supplier then provides commercials, including RRP, VAT, buy value and more. These will be sent over for you to agree and approve. A listing date can then be agreed along with JBP submissions and agreements are drawn up leading to both parties signing contracts.
  5. Listing - You can then start to list the new products in store or online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay?
As a buyer, you do not have to pay to become a part of the Platform. We carefully review every buyer application to ensure all brands are receiving the best possible experience when using the Platform.

Am I tied into any contracts?
Absolutely not! You are not legally tied into any contracts as a buyer on our Platform. We do have Terms & Conditions, however you can utilise the Platform however you wish with the comfort of knowing there are no nasty surprises along the way (only good ones!).

Is there a limit on how many brands I can request samples from?
Although there is no limit, please be mindful that you should only request samples from brands you would like to try and test for the purpose of product discovery and potential listings.

What are the next steps if I wish to discuss further?
If you wish to discuss further with a brand after you have tested the samples, simply send them a message via the Platform or you can arrange a new video call on the Platform, too. This way no personal contact details need to be shared at this stage. Please remain professional when speaking with brands. If the brand accepts the offer to discuss further, you can contact Buyers Discovery Club on and we can discuss the next steps with The Good Food Group.

What are the next steps if I do not wish to discuss further?
Likewise, if you do not wish to discuss further with a brand after you have tested the samples, simply send them a message via the Platform or you can arrange a new video call on the Platform, too. This way no personal contact details need to be shared at this stage. Please remain professional when speaking with brands.

How long after I have requested samples do I have to provide my feedback?
Although there is no strict deadline for this, the brand will be expecting feedback once they have sent their samples and so we would recommend from 1 day to 2 weeks for this to be communicated to the brand.

Do I have to use the Platform every day?
Although we would love for you to utilise the Platform every day, it is not a necessary requirement. The matchmaking service we offer within the Platform will make it very easy for the Platform to work for you. Remember to regularly check notifications and messages to ensure you are not missing any important details and information.

What Due Diligence is done to ensure brands meet the requirements to be ready for retail?
We have many checks that we run on the brands during the brand verification phase. This includes but is not limited to the following:
Regulatory checks regarding key claims
Company size (turnover and staff)
Manufacturing site – UK based or abroad? How many sites do the products come out of, opportunity to bring into UK and lead times (if not in the UK)
Current retailers
Company trading history
Ingredients – for red flags
Delivery formats differences
Factory standards
Hygiene and shrinkage factors – materials used, shelf life etc
Sustainability objectives
Payment terms
Testing methods; consumer panel, 3rd party
Logistics – direct to retailer, Distributor, lead times
VAT registration confirmation
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