We created The Buyer’s Discovery Club Platform to ultimately make life simple for retail buyers.

Our Platform turns a once never-ending task of finding new brands, into an effortless process, allowing our team & platform to do the work for you.

Match this with you being able to tell us specifically what your category is looking for, and we’ll present that exact brands for you to list.

Our dedicated buyer team work with you to input range reviews and identify current gaps in your category, then our platform does the rest.

And for buyers, it is completely free of charge.



As part of being a buyer on our platform, you will recieve your own buyer profile, where you can input your range reviews and filter down exactly what you are looking for.

You’ll have contact with our team at your request to go over strategy updates and any other queries, as well as being able to directly speak to brands, request product samples and hold virtual pitches, all through our Platform.

We have designed our Platform so that you can choose how much time you wish to invest and utilise the various features.

It really is that simple.


Do I have to pay?
As a buyer, you do not have to pay any fee to become a part of the Platform. Our team carefully review every buyer application to ensure all brands are recieving the best possible experience when using the platform.

Am I tied into any contracts?
Absolutely not! You are not legally tied into any contracts as a buyer on our Platform. We do have terms & conditions; however, you can utilise the Platform in whatever way you wish, with the comfort of knowing there are no nasty suprises along the way.

Is there a limit on how many brands I can request samples from?
We do not set a limit on sample requests, although please be mindful that you should only request samples from brands you would like to try and test for the purpose of product discovery and potential listings.

What are the next steps, if I want to discuss further with a brand?
If you wish to have further discussion with a brand, simply send them a message via the platform, or you can arrange a new video call for the brand to pitch. This way no personal contact details need to be shared at this stage. Please remain professional when speaking with brands.

How long after I have request samples, do I have to provide my feedback?
Although there is no strict deadline for this, the brand will be expecting feedback once they have sent their samples, and so we would recommend a maximum of 2-weeks for this to be given.

Do I have to use the platform everyday?
Although we would love for you to utilise the Platform’s features every day, it isn’t a necessary requirement. The match-making service we provide makes it easy for you to still discover new products. Remember to regularly check notifications and messages to ensure you are not missing any important details and information.

What due dilligence is done to ensure brands meet the requirements to be ready for retail?
We have many checks that we run on brands, during the brand verification phase. This includes but is not limited to: Company Size, Manufacturing Sites, Company Trading History, VAT Registration Confirmation, Logistics, Ingredients and more.

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