We created our Platform to ultimately make getting discovered, simple for innovative and exciting brands. Buyers are constantly looking for new brands to launch into their stores.

The Buyer's Discovery Club gives you the Platform to place your brand, it's story and products directly in front of these buyers, getting invaluable exposure.

Brands set up their own profile, which is where they can share their full brand story, USPs and more. The Platform also offers the ability to upload imagery, videos to showcase your products.

Once your product pages are live, buyers can filter down their searches to exact specifications, giving your brand an even better chance to stand out from the crowd, if you have a unique product.

As well as the ultimate chance to be recognised, brands can also access exclusive features such as webinars from industry experts, have access to our live events and more.


Through our variety of services, including our infamous 'discovery boxes' that we used to run, and The Good Food Group, we have launched 1000s of SKUs into retail stores across the UK.

This has been in a variety of product categories, including: VMS, Healthy Snacking, Free From, Drinks and more. In different retailer types, such as: Grocers, Discounters, High Street and Specialist stores.

To the left is a small selection of just some of the great brands that have gone on to achieve successful retail listings through our business.

If you would like to read some of our more detailed success stories, then you can click here to find out more.

At The Buyer's Discovery Club we pride ourselves on our reputation in the industry and our proven success for our featured brands.

Store Coverage:
10K Retailer Outlets

New brands supported:
500+ brands

SKUs launched into retail:
250+ SKUs


Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?
All Buyer's Discovery Club Platform plans are annual subscriptions, meaning you are signed up for a 12-month contract, which you can renew or cancel after this period is complete.

How are you different to other online platforms?
The Buyer's Discovery Club Platform is the ultimate tool for suppliers looking to launch their products into retail. Similar to other platforms, we offer the ability to get your products instantly discovered by retail buyers. But, we also have the services and connections to then launch into stores and manage your accounts through The Good Food Group. Taking you from discovery to launch and beyond.

Can other suppliers see my profile and products?
Nope. Only verified retail buyers will be able to search and browse your brand profile & products.

How man products can I list?
This will depend on the subscription plan you have chosen. This ranges from 10 SKUs on our £24.99 plan to 100 SKUs on our £149.99 plan.

Which retailers do the Buyer's Discovery Club work with?
We are proud to have relationships with the majority of the UK's leading retailers, including grocers, discounters, specialists, chemists and premium retail stores.

Can I downgrade my subscription?
All Buyer's Discovery Club Platform plans are annual subscriptions, meaning downgrading is not an option until your renewal date, following the 12-month subscription.

Can I add multiple brands?
Yes! Our Platform allows you to add as many brands as you like under one supplier. However, the product listing limit still applies to the chosen subscription plan.

Where do I sign up?
It's easy, click the button below and take 2-minutes to fill out the registration form!

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