How to get your products into supermarkets

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Getting your products on the shelves of top supermarkets can seem a daunting and impossible task. However, here at The Buyer’s Discovery Club and The Good Food Group we have the expertise and industry insights to make this possible.

Securing retail listings in major supermarkets can completely transform your business through having nationwide reach and distribution. So what are the main tips for succeeding?

3 Main Tips:

  1. Perfect your packagingThe importance of branding and shelf ready packaging is absolutely vital in securing retail listings. (Look out for a blog post focusing on this coming very soon!)
  2. Do your research. Researching the supermarket you’re looking to sell your products in, although it may seem an obvious tip will help you shape and adapt your pitch.
  3. Be persistent. Persistence is key in contacting buyers, be sure to always try and get a phone call, or send a follow up email. Remember to be persistent in the right way and avoid hassling a buyer.

What are buyers looking for?

Industry professional Ally Ross knows everything there is on securing retail listings, due to her having over 13-years experience working in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry. Ally’s previous roles include:

Director of Trading at Holland and Barrett
-Hot & Soft Drinks Buying Director at Aldi UK
Nestle, Senior National Account Manager, Morrisons

Give the video below a watch through, to find out all the insights on what buyers look for when choosing brands for their category. As well as Ally’s advice to upcoming and disruptive brands:

Ally’s Key Advice:

In the Q&A video above, Ally goes beyond surface level tips on getting your products into the major grocers and advises on the following:

1. Honesty. Being honest with your capabilities and working with buyers is crucial, ensuring buyers and suppliers are aligned and informed completely.

“Don’t trip up because you didn’t ask”

-Ally Ross

2. Think about your consumer. Knowing your consumer or your “tribe” as Ally describes is one of the biggest factors when looking to secure retail listings, and targeting the right supermarkets for you.

“Where does your consumer expect to see you?

-Ally Ross

Buyer’s Discovery Club Live:

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