Buyer's Discovery Club Platform Launches Pilot

Our team are thrilled to announce we have launched into our pilot phase for the new Buyer’s Discovery Club Platform, which makes brand discovery a seamless and efficient process, helping upcoming and disruptive brands get recognised and begin their retail journeys.

This is a new step and format for the Buyer's Discovery Club as we move from sending out our famous subscription boxes to the door's of retail buyers, to this fully automated and unique match-making service for the most exciting, new brands and the UK's leading retail buyers.

How does it work and help brands?

Brands are given their own profile where they can share their full brand story, USPs and more. The Platform offers the ability to upload imagery, videos and the ultimate chance to be recognised.

Once a brand's profile has been set up, they can log on to the Platform and list multiple SKUs with detailed product information for buyer's to browse through.

We created our platform to ultimately make getting discovered simple for brands, the Buyer's Discovery Club gives you the Platform to put your brand story and products directly in front of these buyers.

Unlike our discovery boxes, the platform is a fully automated service, our team take control of everything, all brands have to do is let their products do the talking.

To make our platform accessible to all types of brands, who are at different stages of their business journey, we have three subscription packages. Each subscription comes with different abilities and varied access to our platforms features such as: webinars with industry experts, ability to chat directly with buyers and much more. Subscription prices range from as little as £24.99 / month.

How does it work and help Buyers?

Buyers featured on the Platform will recive their own profile, where they can input range reviews and filter down exactly what products they are search for by category, ingredients, accrediations and USPs.

Buyers have contact with our team at their request, to go over strategy updates and any other queries, making the service as seamless and effortless as possible.

They can also speak directly with brands they discover on the Platform, request samples to be sent directly to your door and set-up pitch calls with brands to find out more.

We created our Platform to make life simple for buyers, with so many new brands being launched every single day, it becomes time-consuming and difficult to search through the noise - that's where The Buyer's Discovery Club steps in.

Our sourcing team has handpicked the best brands to be featured on our platform and the buyer can then filter what products their categories are missing, and we will do the rest - personaly matching you with the best fit.

And it's free for buyers!

How is this different to other online platforms?

The Buyer's Discovery Club is a step above any other online platforms out there, combined with our years of experience in the team to our advanced technology - this is the ultimate tool for new, exciting brands and the UK's leading retail buyers.

From Discovery to launch. Unlike other platforms, our services don't end with simply getting brands discovered, because as we know there is a lot more involved in launching products into retail. The Good Food Group provides the next step for brands, through our retail strategies and account management services, we can take brands from that intitial discovery to listing and beyond through our fully serviced team. Buyer's also benefit from this as we provide a seamless listing process, through having these established connections and already being named as an Official Supply Partner for many retailers.

Are you a brand or buyer looking to work with us at The Buyer's Discovery Club and Good Food Group? Contact us today.

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