The Power of TikTok & How To Market Your Brand

TikTok has taken over the social media scene, making it the hottest new platform not only for entertainment and personall use, but also marketing your business.

The platform has over 800 million monthly active users, combined with an average daily viewing time of nearly 1 hour.

What is TikTok and who uses it?

TikTok is a social network, in which users upload short video clips ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, with popular content including pranks, montages, dances, hacks, jokes and more.

Initially thought of as a teens app, TikTok has now become a platform used by a vast majority of people ranging from young teens, all the way up to a-list celebrities. TikTok accounts aren't only limited to people though, as the populairty of the platform grew, so did the accounts of major household brands.

From beauty brands like Cult Beauty, to global giants such as Coca Cola, they all recognise the power of social media and the power of TikTok.

Why should you use TikTok?

  1. Allows you reach a wider audience from all types of demographics. It's easier to grow your following on TikTok, than any other social media platform right now.
  2. Ability make content and go viral easily, the simplest of videos can go viral on TikTok - it all comes down to if you're using the right sound or hashtags. A 10 second video could bring you millions of views.
  3. It's fun! Unlike other platforms where your content may be a little corporate and dull, TikTok is the place people go to watch funny, engaging videos - so have a little fun and be creative with your videos!
  4. Grow your business sales, TikTok isn't just about creating fun videos, for business' its ultimately about growing sales and acquiring new customers, TikTok is a great way to do this.

What are the steps to making a viral video?

Of course there isnt a one-size fits all answer for this, afterall business are so diverse and content needs to be relevant to your audience. But, here are some tips that we've found work well to getting that mass exposure:

-Picking a relevant, trending sound. Research time! Take a look at the 'For You' page and see what the most popular sounds are that people are using, TikTok also recommends trending sounds to you, to make this process even easier.

-Duetting already popular users, this is a great way to take advatage of someone's already large following. TikTok allows you to 'duet' another users video, menaing you can react and interact with that content.

-Using the 'Problem & Solution' method by starting your video addressing a common problem or pain point your customers have for example "Are you struggling to get your brand into retail?", then end the video with your business' solution, for us it would be "Our platform puts your products directly infront of the UK's leading retailers, giving you the best opportunity to list". Educational content like this what relates to your consumers is what is going to draw them in.

-Use TikTok to provide value whether that be to entertain, inform or inspire your audience. Think about what the video you are posting will give to it's viewers, having a clear purpose is always key.

In short, TikTok marketing will boost traffic and create unique engagement with your brand. No matter what size your business is, so why not start today.


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