Why In-Store Theatre Is So Important

Are you creating theatre?

With consumer behaviour changing quickly towards trends, it’s never been easier for a brand to combine their message, with the right eye-catching image, to create impulse purchase behaviour. 

Bundle up and get more bang for your buck

A cost-effective way to create eye-catching products is to develop a premium outer box to place it into. This is fairly common practise and has been for years however, there is still great opportunity for retailers to make the most of driving larger basket value, by offering bundle packages in-store.

We have seen this work online within the industry for years, with customers preferring to get a total solution by incorporating a bundle of 2, 3 or even more products into a total package. Online sales have taken a fair share of sales away from high street stores, so it’s only fitting high street stores should look to use online tactics to boost sales!

Strategies such as increased basket value also drive product value per brand in stores. Effective brands that have worked this strategy well are Soap and Glory. They have successfully demonstrated how bundle packages work well to drive higher value to the customer, brand and retailers all in kind.

We admire any company that decides to provide “extra value” to the customer, with the intention of improving the use of the product they are selling. We think this added value strategy is going to be key for retailers, to keep sales of items that deliver 2 – 4 weeks product delivery, whereas brands would look to capture the customer and move them online. This isn’t what retailers want to hear, but its happening.

Added value for 2- 4 week products within nutrition would help to drive the customer to store. We really like the way that Skinny Sticks achieved this in the US. Skinny Sticks created a product that was sold in a bottle that is to be used for every application. This helped to solve 2 problems – improved mixability and created an ‘added value’ for the cost when in retail.

There are some amazing opportunities for brands to work with retailers to create EXCLUSIVE lines that help with retention in their stores. Keep an eye on the beauty sector as this is already being implemented in cosmetics.


Shelf takeover – create a plan and run with it

Carefully planning POS and marketing in stores is crucial to catch the customer’s eye. There are large costs attributed to taking over a gondola end, or even having a monthly FSDU located in-store… But there are some great opportunities available in store to help maximize awareness, without having to push for the secondary space.

You can achieve this impact by maximizing the shelf you already sit on. We have seen great activation from companies such as Lynx and L’Oréal when they push a rebrand of their products. They use on shelf frame activation to help customers become aware of the brand and this was a great way to create an impact within the usual shelf space allocation. 


Seasonal activation doesn’t just have to change with the weather

Pull out your marketing calendar and look at your seasonal activity for social media, content and promotions both in retail and online… You might be looking at 1 or 2 seasonal activities EVERY WEEK. Just to name a few: Pancake day, BBQ season, London Marathon, Veganary… We could go on, we are sure you could too.

Health, nutrition and wellbeing categories have a huge amount of activity to choose from when it comes to seasonal events, so make the most of it. 

Speak with buyers, allocate a few weeks in the year where you think your products could shine and could latch onto trends during those weeks; work with them to build an activation plan away from the norm. 

Impulsive buying is on the rise, so why not build 52 weeks of opportunity to sell to customers based on trends and impulse?

Which retailers within the nutrition categories are looking to build a comprehensive plan based on 52 weeks of changing activation? Now is the right time to build on this level of seasonal planning.

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