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Birch & Wilde

What is Birch & Wilde’s brand mission?

Birch & Wilde was founded to empower wellbeing and remind customers to start putting their health first, even in a busy lifestyle. Their supplements range from Marine Collagen to Ashwagandha and D Mannose tablets – they pride themselves on creating the very best supplements to help achieve optimum wellbeing.

Their brand story stems from founder Tara Barton’s grandmother, Ruby Wilde, who was her supporter and beacon in life. Birch & Wilde products are designed with this strong and beautiful woman in mind. To mirror her effortless style and fit seamlessly into busy life.

Tara’s father planted a birch sapling in their garden on the day she was born and is now a tree that has deep significance to her – for the storms it has weathered and remains tall and strong.

Together with the ‘Wilde’ and ‘Birch’ embody all that they stand for as a business, and so Birch & Wilde was created.


How has The Buyer’s Discovery Club supported Birch & Wilde?

Birch & Wilde became a featured brand for The Buyer’s Discovery Club in 2021. They had their innovative supplements sent directly to the doors of the UK’s leading retail buyers as part of one of our unique discovery boxes, where they received feedback from the buyers.

When working with The Buyer’s Discovery Club, Tara, Birch & Wilde Founder described her experience with us as “I am very optimistic about the possibilities that are opening up as a result of our partnership with The Buyer’s Discovery Club”.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the BDC for brands looking to make a serious move into retail and to get their products on the shelves of National Retailers. It’s a great way to work”.

Fast-forward to 2022 and Birch & Wilde now work directly with The Good Food Group, after securing their first retail listing for their Marine Collagen and Vitamin B supplements in Superdrug stores and online.

It’s a great achievement for both them and our team here at The Good Food Group, speaking on the recent launch, Tara said “We are so excited to see our products launching into selected Superdrug stores across this UK this week! It’s such a fantastic step for our brand. Working with The Good Food Group on this has been brilliant and their guidance is highly valued”.


What’s next for Birch & Wilde X The Good Food Group?

We are excited about the possibilities of expanding Birch & Wilde’s reach within retail and are now on great grounds following their first in-store listing. It has been a great journey taking the brand from discovery in The Buyer’s Discovery Club to launch with The Good Food Group.

Keep an eye out for this exciting brand.

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